For Sale By Owner
Rodney Dixon
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Documents You May Need!

Congrats!! You found that buyer for your property and now you're ready to write the contract!  Feel free to use these documents below!  if you need assistance, call me!

Sales Contract

Property Disclosure

Download Contract

Conventional Finanacing

Home Warranty


Is your buyer uncomfortable to sign?

FHA Financing

Sometimes you have a qualified buyer but they are unsure of the process, who gets the earnest money, the what ifs.. etc.  and would rather have a Realtor involved to walk them through start to finish.  

Call me, this is common and  I can help!

​VA Financing

Quick Pointers for a Successful Sale!
Just some pointers to help prepare you for the process of selling your home!  

If you have questions, I'm here to help!

Here's to success!

Is Your Buyer Qualified With The Right Lender?

I can't tell you how many times over the years this ball was dropped because the buyer found their lending company without doing their homework. 
It's so important that your buyer is qualified with the right lender.  You want a lender with a proven track record to make sure when it comes down to closing, it will have every opportunity to close and on time!
If you need to find a proven loan officer to recommend to your buyers, contact me and get them connected with the right one!